Vision Insurance

Vision is a very important part of our daily lives.  Like health and dental preventive care, we cannot overlook the importance of preventive vision care.  Vision Insurance in very important, to be sure.

Most vision plans cover annual screenings for optical clarity, glaucoma, and cataracts.  Without a doubt, corrective lenses and contacts restore our ability to function at a higher level. 

Cataracts can, at varying degrees, causes blurry vision; sometimes, to the point of vision loss.  Cataracts are the major cause of blindness in the world.  Fortunately, they can be removed with a relatively straight-forward procedure. 

On the other hand, glaucoma is treatable if caught early enough.  However, Glaucoma can cause serious, permanent damage to the eye.  Early diagnosis and treatment are essential in preventing these serious problems from happening. 

Vision insurance is a must in helping avoid major vision problems. Many of these issues are treatable if discovered during preventive care treatment.  A one-on-one consultation with Jeanne is free. Jeanna Lewis can assist you in choosing the right vision insurance package for your individual needs.