Health Insurance


While most people obtain health insurance through their employer, you may someday find yourself looking on the open marketplace for health insurance.  Health insurance is necessary because medical treatment and care is expensive.  Without it, an unexpected illness or accident could place your financial security in jeopardy.

Educating yourself in the various types of health insurance is quite the task.  There are:

  • HMOs

  • PPOs

  • EPOs

  • POSs

Each with likenesses and variations.  It is a dizzying endeavor to take on by yourself.  The kind of plan you select will help determine your out-of-pocket expenses, level of care, and who your choices of a medical doctor and/or specialist are.  The plan you choose and premium you pay is a very important decision with a wide range of ramifications. It is imperative you select an agent with the experience and wisdom to guide you through the choices and decisions right for your personal situation.


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