Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage plans can be thought of your “one-stop” center for all your health and prescription drug coverage needs.  Most plans combine medical and Part D prescription drug coverage.  Many Medicare Advantage plans also coordinate added benefits, such as vision, dental, and hearing care.  You may prefer the convenience of working with one plan administrator.

Most Medicare Advantage plans have low monthly premiums.  Some may not charge any monthly premium at all!

Some plans may provide more benefits than are covered under Original Medicare.

The bottom line is that Medicare Advantage plans may provide more affordable coverage AND more benefits than you would receive otherwise. 


Medicare typically pays 20% of your medical bills.  By converting to a Medicare Advantage plan, you can choose a plan which best meets your specific needs.  It is important you understand which benefits you qualify for and what savings you may receive from a Medicare Advantage plan.  A one-on-one consultation with Jeanna is free.  Talk with Jeanna Lewis about your specific needs in detail.